Expectations for courses
taught by Allen Benusa

Student Assistance

If you need assistance with the course material, here are just some of options available to you:

  1. Ask someone else in your class or someone that is familiar with the subject for help.
  2. Request a tutor.  Tutors are available for general subjects, such as general computer use.
  3. See the instructor.  Available hours are posted outside the instructor's office area.

Above all, do not be afraid to ask for help or assistance.

Student Collaboration

Students are allowed, and sometimes even encouraged to work on assignments together.  However, the assignments submitted must be of the student's own work.  There is a difference between receiving help and cooperating on an assignment, verses copying someone else's work, which is plagiarism.  If you have questions regarding this subject, please see the instructor.

Classroom Conduct

Students will respect others and not provide distractions.  There will be no music headphones, game playing, web browsing, chatting, or any other activity that is not class related allowed in the classroom.


Incompletes will not be given unless circumstances dictate.  It is the student's responsibility to pace themselves to complete the required work for a course.  It is the student's responsibility to let the instructor know if they are having difficulties completing the course work.

A student requesting an incomplete must compose a request on paper and sign it.  The paper must contain a reasonable explanation why an incomplete is being requested.  Also the student must schedule a consultation with the instructor and present the written request.  No exceptions.

Any student that receives an incomplete for a course, must finish the course work in the following semester to receive a letter grade.  Any incomplete that has not been remedied in the following semester will result in an F letter grade. There will be no tolerance for carrying an incomplete from semester to semester.

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