Course number Course title
CSCI157 Computer Science I (Benusa)
CSCI160 Computer Science II (Benusa)
CST1025 Networking Basics (Benusa)
CST1072 Windows Workstation Support (Benusa)
CST1600 Relational Database Design (Benusa)
CST1602 Advanced Databases Oracle (Benusa)
CST1620 C# / C++ Programming (Benusa)
CST1640 Introduction to Java (Benusa)
CST1794 Introduction to Programming (Benusa)
CST1801 Visual Basic I (Benusa)
CST2504 A+ Certification Prep (Benusa)
CST2505 Intro to Linux (Benusa)
CST2602 Visual Basic II (Benusa)
CST2604 A+ Certification Prep (Benusa)
CST2608 Linux Server Administration (Benusa)
CST2641 Mobile App Development (Benusa)
CST2642 Advanced Java II (Benusa)
CST2643 Modern Mobile App Development (iOS) (Benusa)
CST2950 Special Topics - Server (Benusa)
CST2950 Special Topics - Web Development(Benusa)
MMDT1021 HTML and the Web (Benusa)
MMDT1022 HTML II  and Javascript (Benusa)
MMDT1144 Multimedia and the Web (Benusa)
MMDT1146 PHP Programming (Benusa)
MMDT1180 Multimedia Portfolio (Maher / Benusa)
ELEC2513 Intro to Microprocessors (Benusa)
ELEC2614 Product Development / Manufacturing (Benusa)
ELEC2624 Microcontrollers (Benusa)
IMT1011 Intro to Manufacturing Systems (Benusa)
ENGT1203 Control Systems I (Benusa)
ENGT1205 Electro-Mechanical Devices I (Benusa)
ENGT1221 Process Controls I (Benusa)
ENGT2203 Control Systems II (Benusa)
Archived Discontinued courses.

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